Cooley the Original

Meeting so many people and hearing so many stories inspired David to write original compositions and they’ve become a popular part of his performances.Each song has been crafted from real life experiences – his lyrics hit home for most people:

From BELLY UP TO THE BAR OF LOVE “…a couple of sips and you won’t have to think”

From WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT BEIN’ A FOOL? “there’s one good thing about self-pity, it’s sincere!”

From HER WILLING EYES “There’s nothing more giving there’s nothing more true, than the love that she offers to no one but you”

From LET LOVE WIN “I’m gonna see this through and make our dreams come true”

David’s diverse and colorful range of original music is perfectly complemented by his live performance – a powerful expression of deeply-felt emotion and cool pop swagger.


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