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What’s so Bad About Bein’ a Fool ?

What’s so bad about bein’ such a fool
What’s so bad about flunkin’ romance school
I know it’s a lost cause baby
But I just keep hopin’ maybe
You’ll come back to me

What’s wrong with cryin’ myself to sleep every night?
Whatever happened to the days when every song
I sang filled your heart with delight?

I know it’s pathetic to carry on this way
But I just can’t stop hopin’ you’ll love me again someday
And then my life will finally be complete

What’s so Bad About Bein’ a Fool?
There’s a heartbreak to welcome you home every night
What’s so bad about dreamin’ that she just might

Walk up to your front door this evening and sweetly say hello
Even though it’s plain to see she ain’t comin’ round no more
But maybe, just maybe, dream will come true

What’s wrong with givin’ your friends a break
From shootin’ your mouth off all the time?
What’s wrong with bein’ a victim of a
Debilitatin’ demoralizin’ dehumanizin’ love crime?

You know you had it comin’ to you anyway
‘Just won’t stop denying, face the music and say
She’s gone for good there ain’t no chance
She’ll come back to you. What’s so Bad About Bein’ a Fool?


What’s so Bad About Bein’ a Fool?
It’s a lonely lover’s paradise
What’s so bad about havin’ a damn good reason
To go out and try out every despicable vice?

You ain’t nothin’ but a misery volunteer
All the time your heart’s beatin’ in the lowest gear
But there’s one good thing about self-pity
It’s sincere! What’s so Bad About Bein’ a Fool?